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Gentgeen Society

The Web Site for the Study of Native American Pow-Wow Ettiquette and Tradition

A very good site that details very many aspects of Native American Dancing. Pay special attention to the authors extensive articles of etiquette.
Southern Native American Pow Wows
Another good site to learn about powwows. The Site design could use a little bit of technical help, but the content more than makes up for it.

Native Art

NativeTech Native American Technology & Art
A Web Site dedicated to Native American Art and the changing the images of "primitive art".
Raven Dancer Gallery
A showcase of various Native Amerindian Art Pieces. Ideal for those who like to buy expensive Native art, or those who just want some ideas to make their own.
Pow-Wow Calendars & Information
Four-Winds Trading Post Pow-Wow Calendar
A listing of Native Pow-Wows by Liz Campbell
Index of Links
Agora Gallery
Not much more than a list of Native American Art sites. It's part of a much larger site, dedicated to an art gallery.
Native American Resources
A site created by Tracy Marks that references a wide range of Native American topics, mainly dealing with different Native American Tribes. When I went, there were many dead links.
NativeTech Internet Links to Native American Art Resources - Birds and Feathers
A detailed list of legislation regarding protected wildlife and the use of animal parts in Native dancing and religion.
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